The Growth of New Vegetation as a Result of Drought

The Growth of New Vegetation as a Result of Drought

The Growth of New Vegetation as a Result of Drought

 Source:IRNA News Agency, 17 November 2015

Masoud Bagherzadeh -Deputy Director General on Wetlands and National parks in Department of Environment- after visiting Urmia Lake, in an interview with Irna News Agency said: “Urmia Lake are trying to adjust to the new critical condition and we are witnessing a new biological approach in this watershed. 

He also mentioned that rivers convey fresh water and freshsoil into the lake and due to conducted researches, this trend makes grow of new vegetation in Urmia Lake.  In addition, this phenomenon has been highly effective in dust stabilization.

He added that the protection of Urmia Lake vegetation has been one of the main policies of Department of Environment.

“Prevention of excessive exploitation from Urmia Lake and commutation on it are the most important protective actions against Urmia Lake ecological devastation.” He said.

He mentioned that to stabilize dust in Urmia Lake, some projects such as the growth of some productive species helping Urmia Lake restoration and mulching are being implemented.

He also said, “Stabilizing Urmia Lake level in 1271 meters above see is the main mission of government in the first three years of restoration period.”

“By persistence of the current trend of rainfall and releasing of dams’ water into Urmia Lake as one of the main policies of Ministry of Energy, there is a hope to seepromising improvement in current situation of Urmia Lake by March.” He stated.



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