Urmia Lake Workhsop at Tufts University Report 2015

Urmia Lake Workhsop at Tufts University Report 2015

A two-day workshop was held on Urmia Lake at Tufts University in collaboration with MIT on July, 2-3, 2015. The title of the workshop was "Can Water Diplomacy Enable a Ne w Future for the Urmia Lake?" Some of the possible approaches and solutions that were discussed during the  workshop are listed in the report, categorized based on their possible implementation  time  horizons.  These  are  not  intended  to  provide  a  list  of  projects  or  action  items  to  implement. However, they are suggested to help ULRP re-frame the problem and work  with all the stakeholders to achieve a sustainable and innovative solution for the Urmia Lake.  Finally, workshop proposed three kind of recommendations including short-term, mid-term and long-term. The summary report of the workshop is available here.


Urmia-Lake-Workhsop_at Tufts University-Report_2015(1).pdf (439.24 KB)

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