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A two-day workshop was held on Urmia Lake at Tufts University in collaboration with MIT on July, 2-3, 2015.

urmia lake, President Rouhani

President Rouhani had a trip to visit west Azerbayjan residents. In speaking for people of West Azerbaijan in Urmia’s Takhti Sports Complex, Dr Rouhani said: “Write for the next generation that Urmia Lake was restored by the hands of the people of Azerbaijan,”

 we should turn to modern mechanized irrigation systems

President Hassan Rouhani who was speaking in his departing press conference in Urmia International Airport Tuesday evening, said “I believe the government has invested in epic scale in the province’s water sector, and we should turn to modern mechanized irrigation systems in booming agriculture of the region to save precious water other

The 5th Green International Film Festival / the only environmental festival in the Middle East

The 5th Green International Film Festival as the only environmental festival in the Middle East is currently underway from 13-20 May in Felestin Theater and Saba Artistic-Cultural Center in Tehran, Iran., as well as several other theaters in other provinces across the country.

DeCaprio ,  drying  Urmia Lake,

After Leonardo DiCaprio posted a warning message on his Instagram account, the Lake Urmia Restoration Program (LURP) invited him to visit the drying lake.

Saving Iran's Precious Lake Urmia

Many of Iran’s once flourishing wetlands have dried dramatically in recent years. Lake Urmia in particular, the sixth largest salt lake in the world and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is dangerously receding and threatens to vanish entirelly. Spanning an area larger than the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake combined, the dwindling lake lies tucked in the Zagros Mountain range in northwest Iran near the Turkish border.

Utah's Great Salt Lake is shrinking, experts say

Human activity is playing a role in the dwindling size of Utah's Great Salt Lake, according to new research.
While the research group acknowledged the role that climate fluctuations, such as droughts and floods, have played in the shift of the lake's water levels over time, the decrease in the lake's size is predominantly due to human causes. According to the report, the heavy reliance on consumptive water uses has reduced the lake level by 11 feet and its volume by 48 percent.

Climate change threatens already volatile Urmia Lake

Climate change is likely to worsen the situation of the largely drought-stricken hypersaline Urmia Lake in Iran. Even in the most optimistic climate change scenario and without any further human impact, a study shows.

Iran- Finland’s coop-  in environmental protection- Urmia Lake

TEHRAN, Apr. 12 (MNA) – Iran’s head of Environmental Protection Organization and chief of the Finnish Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee conferred on environmental cooperation on Mon. in Tehran.

Iran: Lost Waters Of Lake Urmia Returning

The aroma of replenishment is gradually emanating from Lake Urmia. As waters from the Mahabad Dam, transferred waters from the the Simineh and Zarineh Rivers and channels to the Aji Chai River are beginning to replace some of lake’s lost water, international groups are also rushing to the aid of the shrinking lake.

A collective photographic project on  Urmia Lake

The small number of photos here tell the story of a people who will no longer have a lake.

Iran, UNDP, Japan sign agreement on the third phase of restoring Lake Urmia

The third phase of Contribution to Lake Urmia Restoration document was signed on Tuesday in attendance of Masoumeh Ebtekar, chief of the Department of Environment, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative in Iran Gary Lewis and Japanese charge d'affaires.

Japan lists support for projects in Iran through UN agencies

The Iranian documentary “Lonely Lake” was honored at the 3rd Green Image Film Festival in Tokyo.