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A two-day workshop was held on Urmia Lake at Tufts University in collaboration with MIT on July, 2-3, 2015.

Urmia Lake, Masoumeh Ebtekar

On her trip to West Azarbaijan province, Masoumeh Ebtekar explained that Urmia Lake is something beyond one nation, it belongs to all the mankind and the next generations will wonder if we have done our best [to save the lake].

Water Crisis in Iran, Kaveh Madani, Urmia Lake

TEHRAN — Water shortage in Iran is a very serious issue and unfortunately the public and many officials have not woken up to it yet.

Water Conveyance from Kani Sib into Urmia Lake

Mechanized drilling operation for conveyance of water from Kani Sib Dam to Lake Urmia will be kicked off in the presence of Energy Ministry Eng. Chichchian.

Iran: the great drought

Drought is the major concern of the Iranians. Living and working in Iran without evoking impossible. The environmental experts are beginning to sound the alarm about what might be one of the worst environmental disasters in the Middle East.

Water level increases in drying Urmia Lake

Morteza Mousavi, an official with Iran Water Resources Management Company, said that the water level in the Urmia Lake has improved following the recent rainfalls in the country and a government’s decision to release 60 million of cubic meters of water from the Boukan dam.

precipitation, Urmia Lake

Some 700 square kilometers area of Urmia Lake has been filled with water, thanks to recent precipitations, the director of West Azarbaijan province’s department of environment has said.

Urmia Lake, Local Cooperation

TEHRAN- Muharram Noruozi, an official at Lake Urmia´s Restoration Committee warned that the lake´s restoration will be highly unlikely without local people´s cooperation.

UN Equator Prize Goes to Naghadeh NGO

The Umbrella Group of Naghadeh NGOs is to receive one of the 21 awards of the coveted United Nations’ Equator Prize.

The demise of Urmia Lake sparks trouble in Iran

'Iran is becoming an uninhabitable desert. But do not think that it will happen tomorrow. It has already happened!'

Urmia Lake, Zarrineh Rud & Simmineh Rud

He said ''Given that a great deal of water had been lost in Simmineh Rud River due to evaporation phenomenon, to solve this problem, Simmineh Rud River and Zarrineh Rud River were connected together.''

The Growth of New Vegetation as a Result of Drought

Urmia Lake are trying to adjust to the new critical condition and we are witnessing a new biological approach in this watershed.