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A two-day workshop was held on Urmia Lake at Tufts University in collaboration with MIT on July, 2-3, 2015.

The play of "The End of Thirsty" by director of Nasim Afsharnia went on stage in Tabriz in open day of International book fair in Tabriz on 24th September 2014.

Mohammad Masoud Tajrishy in an interview with Environmental reporter of Iranian Students News Agency, 11 October 2016:
He talks In the case of water transfer project from Caspian Sea to Urmia Lake.

President Hassan Rouhani has shown he is listening, referring to Urmia during his election campaign, and subsequently promising the equivalent of $5 billion to help revive the lake over ten years.

Source: Friends of Great Salt Lake Website, 13 July 2015

A lake in Iran that is astonishingly similar to Utah's famous inland sea. The two salt lakes, on opposite sides of the world, are so nearly identical that scientists from both countries are working together to help them survive.

Tehran, Feb 10 2015, IRNA - The Government of Japan has contributed US$ 1 million to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Iran to continue supporting the efforts to contribute to the restoration of Urmia Lake.

TEHRAN, 16 Agust 2015, Iran's deputy Energy Minister announced the implementation of a water transfer project which involves drawing water from Zarrinehrud and Siminehrud and supplying it to the dry Lake.

Tehran, June 7, IRNA - Each year, we commemorate World Environment Day (WED) on 5 June.

TABRIZ, Mar. 16, (MNA) – Visiting Urmia Lake today, German environmental policy expert Klaus Töpfer has said the lake’s crisis must be reflected on an international scale.

Maragheh, East Azarbaijan Prov., Feb 7, IRNA – Isa Kalantari; We all share the blame in the way we have treated our nature; yet we are still looking for someone to put the burden on, without having a real perception of what has really caused the problem.

TEHRAN, Jul. 28 (MNA) – Energy Minister CHitchian has elaborated on the Ministry's measures to revive the dried-out Urmia Lake in Tuesday’s open session of Parliament.

Dr Ebtekar, Head of Department of Environment and Vice- President told

Dr. Ebtekar said water shortage in the country are being solved throughout reviving of groundwater sources, shifting crops, and improving watershed condition.