Vision and Mission


Visions and Missions



1. Life Cycle Revival of the Urmia Lake (The most important)

2. Integrated Water Resource Management of the Urmia Lake Basin

3. Sustainable Agriculture Development



After conducting of the necessary studies and approving the restoration plan, according to the approved schedule, Urmia lake restoration plan includes three main phases over a ten-year period. The three phases are:

 1- Stabilization Phase (2014-2016): main objectives:

       a. stabilization of the Urmia Lake water level and

       b. implementation of projects to decrease possible negative effects of dried Urmia Lake

 2- The Urmia Lake Restoration phase (2017-2022): The purpose of this phase is implementation of solutions supplying entire lake water demand and gradually increasing the lake level.

 3- Final restoration phase (2023): the expected purpose of this phase is the sustainability of restoration actions and establishment of required enforcement for final restoration and stabilization of revived condition.