Owens Lake

دریاچه  Owens در  دره اوانز در سمت شرقی صحرای نوادا  درایالت کالیفرنیا  واقع شده است. این دریاچه  برخلاف بسیاری از دریاچه ها خشک شده  در  این حوضه و سایر حوضه های  آبخیز همجوار  که سابقه خشکی داشته اند ، تا سال 1924 به اندازه کافی آب داشته است. اما  این دریاچه  با شروع  انتقال  آب رودخانه اوانز به لس آنجلس، رو به خشک شدن نهاد .  در حال حاضر علی رغم اینکه برخی از جریان های تغذیه کننده  به دریاچه برگشت داده شده و دریاچه  دارای آب است ولی در  سال 2013، بعنوان  بزرگترین منبع واحد از آلودگی گرد و غبار در ایالات متحده شناخته شد.


  Title:Owener lake -MASTER PROJECT


For more than a decade, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has controlled dust at Owens Lake, primarily through shallow flooding of the dry lakebed, plus a small amount of vegetation andgravel. This practice has resulted in the use of up to 95,000 acre-feet of drinking water each year for dust control. Additional dust control measures, such as plowing, have also been tested and found to not only signifi cantly reduce dust emissions at the Lake, but in some cases, also provide habitat for native birds and waterfowl, which are returning to Owens Lake.

LADWP also recognizes that the use of drinking water for dust suppression is not sustainable. Increases in population, rising temperatures due to climate change, reductions in water imported from Northern California and the potential for drought due to increased heat are factors affecting Southern California water supplies.

LADWP is not attempting to get out of its obligation to control dust at Owens Lake. We are, however, evaluating the uncertainties of the future and proposing to begin work on a more environmentally sustainable approach to dust control in the Owens Valley.


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Title:Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Program

عنوان : طرح کاهش گرد و غبار دریاچه آونز 


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